Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Competition

2011 International Competition Guidelines

A) competition submissions

B) selection

C) the award

D) entry form

A) competition submissions
1. All applicants to the international feature competition must fill in the Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Competition submission form and send it, along with a DVD of their film, to:

Mostra Internazionale del Nuovo Cinema
Fondazione Pesaro Nuovo Cinema Onlus
Via Emilio Faà di Bruno, 67
00195 Rome - ITALY

2. The competition is open to feature films of any genre, language and format, provided that they are Italian premières and first or second films. (Feature films are considered to be works with running times of over 60 minutes).

3. In order to be eligible for competition, submission forms and film or video works must be sent by April 29th, 2011.

4. Pre-selection copies will not be returned. All shipping and postage costs of pre-selection copies will be covered by applicants.

5. The director and/or producer authorize the publication of their data on the website and in the festival catalogue, as well as its media distribution for promotional purposes according to the law.*

B) selection
1. The Pesaro Film Festival selection committee will choose the participating titles of the international feature film competition from works received before the abovementioned deadline.

2. The official list of films participating in the competitions will be announced and published the day of the festival press conference – June 10th, 2011.

3. Whenever possible, films will be screened in the screening format declared in the submission form and will be subtitled in both English and Italian.

4. The filmmakers and/or producers undertake to send:

- a dialogue list, press material and a trailer (if available)

- a copy of the film in the screening format declared in the submission form, with English subtitles.

5. Round trip shipping costs for the screening copies will be covered by the Pesaro Film Festival.

6. The directors and/or producers of the films selected authorize the screening of their film and the distribution (on television, the Internet, etc.) of trailers as part of the promotion of the festival (up to three minutes for feature films).

7. The filmmaker(s) of the selected film will be invited to attend the festival, which will contribute to the travel and accommodation expenses according to its means.

C) the award

-  Lino Miccichè Award: Euro 3,000,00 to be given to the winning director [to be transferred by one year from the end of the Festival]

D) entry form

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