In the four films that make up The Invisibles, Mexican actor-director Gael García Bernal and documentarian Marc Silver detail the arduous journey to the United States of thousands of Central and South American migrants.
“Mexican authorities must protect migrants who come through our country. The law must protect us all, Mexicans and foreigners. It is vital that Mexico set a good example in the treat- ment of migrants.” (Gael García Bernal)


1 - Seaworld
Some people hope desperately to reach the United States; a young girl traveling with her fam- ily dreams of visiting Seaworld. Shot in a refuge in southern Mexico, the film relates the dan- gers awaiting the migrants.

2 - Six Out of Ten
Gael García Bernal speaks to three women leaving Honduras in search of a better life for their families. They are taking a grave risk. Six out of ten women who undertake the journey are sexually abused.

3 - What Remains
Those who remain in Central America may never know the fate of their loved ones. In El Salvador a desperate mother says she still doesn’t know where her son is, 10 years after he left for the U.S., saying he would call her in 12 days.

4 - Goal!
Despite the dangers and risks, migrants continue to arrive. They sleep on the ground, beg for food and hop cargo trains to reach their destination. Many are seriously wounded, but there will always be those ready to face the journey.

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