Family Portrait
A classic, posed photograph of an Italian family of the late 19th century, a camera movement that wordlessly reveals shameful secrets. “Ritratto di famiglia is a photograph of a wealthy family from 1867. Our archives are full of similar pictures but to an attentive eye each photographic instant could concede narrative surprises. A seemingly happy family reveals numerous, incredible intrigues to the lens.” (C. Terlizzi)
Italia 2001, 5’, Dvd, colore

S.N. Street Without a Name House Without a Number
An episodic, Super8 film on the changes, year after year, that take place in the director’s [hometown] Bitonto and among his relatives who are born, live and grow old there. A film on the artist’s memo- ries, presented through the filter of others’ lives. “I filmed my brother and niece during their best years; years of temporary passions, fast years, years of sun, dust, ecological disasters and music.” (C. Terlizzi)
Italia 2001-2008, 25’, Dvd, colore

A Season of Hell
The Certosa cemetery of Bologna, an Eden of death, a garden of despair, receives Arthur Rimbaud’s poem like a French lesson. The sculptures interpret the last act of the poet who left the world. “I wanted to pay homage to my favorite poet with this Super 8 movie, using Rimbaud’s last poem because it is represents the entirety of his poetry. I filmed the Certosa cemetery of Bologna as an ideal expression of the poem, while two voices read the text as if it were a French lesson.” (C. Terlizzi)
Italia 2004, 9’, Dvd, colore

The Fava Brothers
Cosimo Terlizzi con questa opera, indaga l’interiorità e l’essenza della gemellarità, attraver- so un continuo confronto e scontro delle due figure. I fratelli Fava sono diversi, pur sem- brando la stessa persona. Questo video clip è ispirato dal brano musicale Jongleur di Christian Rainer, concesso al regista dallo stesso autore. ”Parlare dei gemelli è come parla- re di me o di noi, sdoppiati o triplicati nelle personalità, divisi tra spirito e carne, tra vio- lenza e pace”. (C. Terlizzi)
Italia 2008, 5’, Dvd, colore

With small sensual gestures, Irena expresses her regal and holy image using a packaging aesthetic. “Queen Irena Radmanovic was conceived as a performance piece but differs from it with its very nature. The sound is a Bach piece that I sped up to render the idea of a broken toy. I conceived the clothing with discarded material used for packaging or protecting everyday objects. The scraps are transformed into a sophisticated dress with Baroque elements, through which I wanted to evoke the 17th century aspects of our current historical moment.” (Cosimo Terlizzi)
Italia 2008, 1’, Dvd, colore

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