Bruno Bonomo, a producer of ridiculously titled B movies (Maciste vs. Freud, Assassin Moccasins, Violence in Cosenza), is going through a difficult time: his production company in on the brink of failure and his marriage is falling apart. Moreover, a project meant to get him back on his feet, about Christopher Columbus, turns out to be too expensive. His only salvation seems to be the satirical screenplay of a young director, Teresa, about a television magnate turned politician – based on Silvio Berlusconi.

The story of the film within the film, entitled The Caiman, unfolds parallel to Bruno’s separation from his wife. However, the production comes up against sizeable problems due to the “red-hot” sub- ject matter, and then both the actor playing the caiman, Marco Pulici, and the Polish co-producer jump ship. Despite everything, Bonomo decides to go ahead with the project but only manages to shoot the last scene, the most disturbing one of the whole film.

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