Programme #4

PARALLELSTRASSE Ferdinand Khittl (RFT, 1961, 86’)

A pre-Manifesto film feature

Five men in a dark room, seated at a table. For two night they take part in an investigation, under the guidance of a head of protocol who presents and comments on some documents: recordings, hotel bills, drink receipts, photographs. And film. Shot in many known and unknown parts of the world, using latitude and longitude lines the film weaves an inextricable spider’s web, in which fleeting acquaintances and unsolvable contradictions exist side by side.

The five men of the jury are imprisoned in an eternal trap of rationalization and interpretation. The documents, of an “unknown subject matter,“ are from a mysterious, perhaps nonexistent, character. They try in vain to compose these fragments into an image of the world. The game is a losing battle. Prisoners of the indestructible structure of reason, they will never find the keyword that opens all the doors of the world.

They will pay for this defeat with their lives. They will be neither the first nor the last to tackle this trial that no human being can escape. On this parallel street one experiences the entire adventure of the spirit.

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