Highlights 49 Pesaro Film Festival

New Chilean Cinema

Directed by Giovanni Spagnoletti, the 49th Pesaro Film Festival continues its reconnaissance of South American cinema, after having explored Mexico and Argentina in past editions, to offer, for the first time ever in Italy, a wide retrospective on Chilean cinema, which in the last decade has proven itself one of the most active and innovative film industries in Latin American (and the world).
There will also be a round table discussion with the attending directors, as well as an in-depth monographic section in the festival catalogue analyzing both the cinematic past of a country that first came to international renown with the expatriation of interesting directors such as Alejandro Jodorowsky, Miguel Littin, Raúl Ruiz and documentarian Patricio Guzmán following the death of Salvador Allende and the beginning of a long and bloody military dictatorship (1973-1990); as well as the current aesthetic and production cinema landscape. It was more or less in 2005 that Chile’s film industry began its renaissance, thanks to a new generation of auteur filmmakers, whose most internationally acclaimed exponent is Pablo Larrain. This is the tip of an iceberg that has yet to be discovered.

Pesaro Nuovo Cinema - Lino Miccichè Award

The Festival’s Official Competition offers seven films from the hottest spots of new cinema throughout the globe. As always, the titles are the best first or second films by (mostly young) directors whose work would otherwise not be shown in Italy.

Cinema in the Square

Eight nightly screenings under the stars, in Pesaro’s main square, that unite quality with wide appeal among audiences, who will once again vote of the festival’s Audience Award winner.

Above the norm. The experimental path of Italian cinema (2000-2012) 27th Special Event on Italian cinema

Curated by Adriano Aprà, the 27th Special Event will focus on filmmaking in 21st century. Narrative films; animated films; experimental films; short, medium-length and feature films; on film or video. Works that strive to reach beyond the canonical rules of diverse genres, to propose innovative explorations of expressive forms. So far, the investigation has revealed a vast albeit often underground universe, which bears witness to a genuine current of new Italian cinema that merits closer inspection. There is a veritable explosion of independent experimentalism that is sometimes distributed only on the Internet. On the one hand, this is a sign of intolerance and opposition to the usual forms of production and distribution, on the other it is no doubt due to the advent of digital.
Some auteurs have enjoyed a certain visibility, including Paolo Benvenuti, Franco Piavoli, Michelangelo Frammartino, Alina Marazzi, Corso Salani and Pietro Marcello. Yet many more – the majority – have flown below the radar of traditional forms of distribution.
A volume of essays – by mostly young authors who will analyze the entire spectrum of the phenomenon – will accompany the retrospective (or rather, showcase, given that this is virtually a manifesto of new Italian cinema).

2013 Amnesty Prize

Established in 2007, the Amnesty Italia - Cinema and Human Rights Prize will once again be awarded to the film that best depicts the manifold themes of human rights. The film will be chosen from among competition and out-of-competition titles, by a professional jury.

Workshops: Documentary and Animation

For years committed to audiovisual production, the Festival now opens a window onto the craft of filmmaking, with two practical workshops: on documentaries and animated movies. (Last year’s guest teachers were Gianfranco Pannone and Simone Massi.)

Round Midnight Signes de Nuit International Festival LEMS – Electronic Laboratory for Experimental Music

Five evenings, ‘round midnight, in Palazzo Gradari, that comprise a video art program, a selection of titles from Paris’ International Festival Signes de Nuit, and the presentation of a video project by the Pesaro-based Electronic Laboratory for Experimental Music (LEMS).

2013 CineMarche Giovani Prize – Third edition

A competition section for short films that run three minutes or less, by directors under 30 who live, study or work in Marches region. The winning film will be chosen by a jury comprising Paolo Angeletti, Pierpaolo Loffreda, Alberto Pancrazi, Ludovico Pratesi and Claudio Salvi.

PERF 2013 - Scuola del libro di Urbino

As part of our ongoing partnership with Urbino’s Scuola del Libro artistic high school, we will exhibit comic strips and animated works by the students of the school’s specialization course, as a video installation at the Teatro Sperimentale during the Festival.

Young jury – Guerrilla marketing

The Fondazione Pesaro Nuovo Cinema, with support from the Università degli Studi di Urbino “Carlo Bo,” confirms the working relationship between the Festival and the university three-year programme and the specialization degree in communications and advertising based in Pesaro, through the institution of scholarships for students, and a jury of approximately 20 young masters course students who choose the Best Film in Competition.
Once again, with the department of Sociology, a new guerrilla marketing campaign will be organized using of the most innovative forms of viral communication.

Pesaro in Rome

The Great Festivals program of the outdoor cinema in Rome’s Piazza Vittorio will include Pesaro in Rome (July 2013), an exhaustive selection of films from the various sections of this year’s festival, organized in collaboration with ANEC Lazio.

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