A tribute to Gianni Toti through the 8mm films shot with his wife Marinka Dallos in the 1960s and 70s. World premiering at the 49th Pesaro Film Festival, this work in progress is divided into stanzas, or chapters that look at the life, work and scenarios created by the future poetronico – a term Toti coined for an artist who makes poet- ry and cinema elaborated with electronic art – as an amateur filmmaker and travel reporter. There are moments of family life in and around Rome, as well as on the shores of Hungary’s Lake Balaton, which features in the canvases of his wife, a naïve painter from Lorinci. Intimate and documentaristic moments. As a correspondent for Vie Nuove and Paese Sera, Toti visited Northern Ireland in 1966; and Spain under Franco, in 1963, immortalizing moments, corners and faces in Barcelona, Granada and Seville. He flew to Cuba in 1964, and participated in May Day celebrations, meeting and making portraits of Fidel Castro and Che Guevara. He recorded his impressions just as easily with words as on film. He traveled extensively through Tunisia and Syria, exploring the lands that would become the setting for his 1973 feature E di Shaul e dei sicari sulle vie da Damasco, a politically engaged, experimental and inconvenient film, of which there remain traces of the actors’ auditions among the preserved 8mm films. The fund of 8mm and 16mm films of Gianni Toti and Marinka Dallos offers a never-before-seen, pri- vate, militant and poetic glimpse into a complex experimental and artistic path.

Silvia Moretti and Paolo Simoni will be present at the screening

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