Programme 1. Tribute to Maria Muat

LA TORMENTA (t.o. Metel’) Russia 2010, 13’, colore
Based on the eponymous short story by Aleksandr Pushkin, about the dramatic events and vicissi- tudes of two young lovers and the snowstorm that played with their destinies

LUI E LEI (t.o. On i Ona) Russia 2008, 13’, colore
Based on Nikolai Gogol’s short story “Old-World Landowners,” in which the moving relationship between the main characters is proof that harmony in life is possible.

LA FANCIULLA DI NEVE (t.o. Snegurochka) Russia 2006, 26’, colore
An ancient Russian fable about the Snow Maiden, daughter of Spring the Beauty and Father Frost. The animated film is based on the play by celebrated Russian playwright Aleksandr Ostrovsky.

STORIA DI UN ALBERO DI NATALE (t.o. Skazka pro elochku) Russia 2011, 13’, colore
On New Year’s Eve, a little Christmas tree is for- gotten in a corner of a tree shop. It decides to start knocking on various doors in search of someone who will take him in.

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