Programme 3. Tribute to Irina Margolina

GIOACCHINO ROSSINI. NOTE DI UN GOURMET (t.o. Dzhoakkino Rossini. Zapiski gurmana)
Russia 2010, 13’, colore - Directed by: Oksana Cherkasova
Gioacchino Rossini was known for his operas, but he was also a talented cook and author of a cele- brated cookbook. The composer’s annotations and aphorisms serve as the basis for the film.

SERGEJ PROKOF’EV. LA QUARTA MELARANCIA (t.o. Sergej Prokof’ev. Chertvertyj apel’sin)
Russia, 2010, 13’, colore - Directed by: Julija Titova
The fundamental stages of the life and work of Russian composer Prokofiev, narrated in the style of his rigorous and mathematical musical language.

GEORGE GERSHWIN. LA STORIA DELLA FAMIGLIA GERSHWIN NARRATA DA ISAIA SHMULEVICH (t.o. Dzhordzh Gershvin. Istorija sem’i Gershvinov, raskazanna- ja Izej Shmulevichem)
Russia 2012, 13’, colore - Directed by: Irina Margolina
A child narrator helps make Gershwin’s jazz music easier to understand.

Russia 2007, 13’, colore - Directed by: Oksana Cherkasova
Antonio Vivaldi’s life is inextricably tied to the city of the Carnivale: Venice. In keeping with the Venetian landscape, the film was made with a technique that gives the sensation of the constant pre- sence of water and its reflections.

Russia 2011, 13’, colore - Directed by: Elena Petkevich
Johann Sebastian Bach as portrayed through the memories of the old cantor of the Church of St. Thomas and St. Nicholas.

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