Programme 4. Tribute to Natal’ja Dabizha

IL PESCATORE E IL PESCIOLINO (t.o. O rybake i rybke)
Russia 2002, 13’, colore
A puppet animation film of Pushkin’s “The Tale of the Fisherman and the Fish,” in which an elderly couple are unable to treasure the generosity of a little golden fish.

L’ALBERO DAI POMI D’ORO (t.o. Derevo s zolotymi jablokami)
Russia 1999, 12’49’’, colore
Based on a Dutch fairy tale, and part of the series, Fairy Tales of the World. An elderly father decides to give away his only daughter’s hand in marriage to whoever can bring back a golden apple from a faraway island.

STORIA D’AMORE DI UNA RANOCCHIA (t.o. Istorija ljubvi odnoj ljagushki)
Russia 2004, 13’, colore
Based on several traditional fairy tales. In The Story of One Frog’s Love, a frog dreams of leaving her pond and meeting a Prince Charming.

ABRAMO (t.o. Avraam)
Rusia/Regno Unito 1996, 26’, colore
The project The Animated Old Testament is a Russian-British co-production. Knowing the story of Abraham, of the progeny of the Hebrew and Arab people, is a fundamental part of children’s education. With great delicacy, the film relates the bond between Isaac and Ishmael. A story with values still important today.

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