Anna Foglietta, Massimo Lastrucci, Vincenzo Marra (president), Federico Pontiggia and Costanza Quatriglio – the jury of the Pesaro New Cinema - Lino Miccichè Award – has unanimously awarded its top prize to Alexandra Gulea’s Matei Child Miner (Matei Copil Miner, Romania/Germany/France, 2013), with the following motivation: "This debut film reveals a powerful and free gaze, which explores the relationship between habitat and personal events with depth and a light touch. The writing is mature and sensitive."

The jury gives a Special Mention to The Devil’s Liquor (La Chupilca del Diablo, Chile, 2012) by Ignacio Rodríguez with the following motivation: "In portraying a ‘handover’ between an elderly man and a young one, the 24-year-old director distills a private microcosm in a subtle but critical story on contemporary Chile."

The student jury of the 49th Pesaro Film Festival had a difficult time reaching its decision given the truly remarkable films in competition, from various perspectives.

The majority vote, for the film’s content and the subject matter, went to the inner journey of an 11-year-old boy in Matei Child Miner (Matei Copil Miner) by Alexandra Gulea. Matei overcomes the obstacles and challenges that life places in his path, turning them into opportunities, despite the weight of responsibility that he must bear. The film depicts a nation from a different perspective, one of courage and a desire for redemption.

We give a Special Mention to Maryam Najafi’s Kayan for the evocative and unique way it travels among diverse cultures while staying in one place. Strength and emancipation are realized in the character of Hanin, who is the bond between eastern and western cultures.

Last, but certainly not least, we wish to pay a particular compliment to Fabiana Sargentini’s Non lo so ancora since it was part of our long deliberations. First of all for its original handling of the central theme, and also for the cinematography, which frames the film’s emotional scenes and wonderful cast. We hope that the acclaim it received during its screening in Pesaro will also continue in Italian cinemas.



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