A nameless woman lives alone, by choice, with a pack of dogs on the outskirts of Buenos Aires, whose inhab- ited city center is starting to seep into the Pampas. Featuring virtually no dialogue, the film follows the pro- tagonist (Verónica Llinás, the film’s co-director) over four seasons, during which we see her fix up her makeshift forest refuge, fend off the natural elements, procure (and sometimes steal) food and, sporadically, venture into the city with other people.

Laura Citarella (La Plata, Argentina, 1981) studied cinema in Buenos Aires. She has worked as a producer since 2005 with El Pampero Cine. In 2011, her directorial debut Ostende was presented in the Extra section of the Rome International Film Festival. Verónica Llinás (Buenos Aires, Argentina, 1960) is a film, television and the- atre actress. She studied acting with Agustín Alezzo, Angel Elizondo and Miguel Guerberoff and was a member of the comedy group Gambas al Ajillo. Co-directed with Laura Citarella, Dog Lady marks her directorial debut.

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