A mysterious cosmic force threatens to end all life on Earth. A voyager from other worlds, the only being who can decide humanity’s fate, guides us through a journey into man’s passage on the planet. Having taken on a human form, the voyager is aided by a young woman. And while humans’ dreams are altered, various stories intertwine, united in awaiting a destiny that could still perhaps be changed. Amid ruins from the past and the contemporary world, faraway splendors and technological modernity, space flights, lost beauties and ancient faces, the film blends documentary images, archive material and vintage photographs.

Marco De Angelis (Rome, 1970) and Antonio Di Trapani (Partinico, 1980) made their feature debut with Late Summer (2010), which screened at the Venice (Controcampo Italiano section), Bergen and Tirana film festivals, and won the Audience Award at the latter event. Their work has aired on RAI 3’s Fuori Orario and is distributed on DVD in Italy by the publishing house DeriveApprodi.

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