May 2013, the port of Cagliari. Fifteen Moroccan laborers who have not been paid for six month guard a ship. They willingly renounce their freedom in the hopes of keeping their jobs and collecting their back pay. The ship is their temporary home, where they sleep, eat, pray and observe Ramadan. Maria (Francesca Neri), a professor at the Uni- versity of Rome, sends her student Salvatore (Moise␣ Curia) to research the events in Cagliari. Not only for academic purposes but to gain life experience, which will force the young man to question his own future, no less uncertain than that of the sailors. All are victims of a “voluntary” quarantine.

Peter Marcias (Oristano, 1977) lives and works in Rome. He directed the docu-fiction Ma la Spagna non era cat- tolica? (2007); the documentary Liliana Cavani una donna nel cinema (2010), presented in Venice Days; and Tutte le storie di Piera (2013), presented at the 31st Torino Film Festival and winner of a Special Nastro d’Argento Award. His four theatrical feature films include My Destiny (2012), which debuted at the 30th Torino fest and was released do- mestically by Gianluca Arcopinto’s Pablo Distribuzione.

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