Presented at the Toronto Film Festival, Foreign Body begins in Ancona, on the Riviera del Conero, where devout Catholics Angelo (Riccardo Leonelli), an Italian, and the Polish Kasia (Agata Buzek) fall in love. Kasia ends their relationship, however, when she returns to Poland to enter a convent. Angelo follows her to Warsaw, in an at- tempt to change her mind, and gets a job at a multinational company, where his cynical boss Kris (Agnieszka Grochowska) tries to make him act against his moral principles, despite being fascinated by Angelo’s faith.

“The film, which is intended to be a psychological drama, gives an account of a clash of corporate cynicism with youthful idealism. The perversity of the story comes from the fact that the one persecuted is a young man, an Italian, who is a genuine Christian. On the other side stands a row of liberated women who outperform the men in their cynicism and brutality of conduct. The result of the clash is inconclusive – idealism falters, al- though it has its Lord, while cynicism cracks, even though it’s far from being converted.”

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