Jin tian de yu ze me yang - How Is Your Fish Today?

A young man in southern China has killed his lover. He starts a lonely escape across the entire country towards a snowy village at the northern border. Sitting at his desk in Beijing, a scriptwriter is writing that man’s story. It is through his characters that his life gains importance, meaning and freedom.

A landscape as imaginary as the main character – that’s what I wanted to create with this film. And then I needed a man, or a man’s voice rather than my own voice, to take us to this imaginary landscape. I hope, ultimately, that the spectators will paint their own imaginary world as well.
Xiaolu Guo

Xiaolu Guo (1973) is a scriptwriter, director, journalist and film teacher. She was born in a fishing village in southern China and at 18 moved to Beijing to study film. During that period she started publishing poetry and novels. How Is Your Fish Today? is her first feature film.

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