Res ̧at is a troubled young man who works in a pirate DVD shop. One day, his boss’ friend leaves a package with Reza and is killed shortly thereafter. Res ̧at finds a pistol and a picture of a woman inside the box. Curious, the young man heads to the address on the back of the photo. There, he meets Celal, who mistakes Re␣at for the man hired to kill his wife. Haze is the second chapter in the “Trilogy of Conscience and Death.”

“Haze was shot in one of Istanbul’s poorest neighborhoods, Altins ̧ehir, whose name ironically means ‘Golden City.’ [...] The unemployment and crime rates are amazingly high and people are anxious about the future. Poverty cre- ates desperation: in this story, the people of Altins ̧ehir are as desperate as animals and they submit to their fates without any objection.“

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