Hamdi is a desperately lonely man who spends his days smoking in his Istanbul wig shop, which is also his home. He has cancer and has been told he doesn’t have much longer to live. He has only one wish before dying: to go far away, perhaps even Brazil. When a woman named Meryem comes into his shop one day, to sell her long hair, Hamdi is profoundly struck by her and starts following her everywhere. When Meryem realizes she’s being followed, the situation turns even stranger. Hair is the last chapter of the director’s “Trilogy of Conscience and Death.”

“Along with the fact that hair is an important element in some traditions and religions, I liked the idea of con- necting people through strands of hair. One character sells hair, another buys it and a third is overcome with anx- iety because he’s going gray and bald. I built the story around this relationship.”

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