Livio Colombo/Giulia Vallicelli

Livio Colombo (Milan, 1964) began making Super 8 films at the age of eight (and has never stopped), passing from the Kodachrome era to developing his own films. He has held Super 8 production workshops, on shoot- ing, darkroom techniques, editing and screening. An engineer, he teaches graphic technologies at a technical institute in Milan.

Filmmaker and video archivist Giulia Vallicelli (Rome, 1979) works combining images and sounds from differ- ent eras and formats. She studied filmmaking in Milan, at the Civic School of Cinema and Accademia Teatro Alla Scala, where she specialized in directing video for live performances. Besides shooting videos and directing the photography of live concerts and performances, she works with small-gauge analogue formats, conducting workshops on the use of Super 8 film and digital video.

Livio Colombo and Giulia Vallicelli also hold artisanal workshops on shooting and developing Super 8, in Milan and other cities, thanks to which small-gauge film stock is making a comeback as an independent and low-cost means of artistic expression. Their workshops have produced collective films made by participants, including Rumore Bianco e Nero (2009) and Interviste Mute a Niguarda (2010).


Sul sellino Super8 souvenir (Livio Colombo, 2002/2004)
Live musical accompaniment by Beppe Sordi on the prepared electro-acoustic bicycle
Shot under the name Graziano Predielis collective, the film is a fragmented and unsystematic document on the birth of Milan’s Critical Mass movement.

Stravisamento (Livio Colombo, 2003, 3’, Super8 bianco e nero, sonoro magnetico)
Commissioned by and featuring Soledad Nicolazzi, for the show “Ciclonica.”

Rumore bianco e nero (Laboratorio Microcelluloide, 2009, 20’, Super8 bianco e nero, muto)
Made by the 14 participants of the first practical Super 8 cinema laboratory in Milan, in an attempt to film sound, overlooking the fact that the rough technology at their disposal would allow them to film only silence.

Sonicfilmine (Giulia Vallicelli, 2009/2011, 20’, Super8 bianco e nero e colore, muto)
A collage of concerts and performances on art and queer-feminist activism, shot partly for the documentary Ladyfilmine and partly for never-before-seen personal diaries.

Ridotto Mattioni (Giulia Vallicelli e Luca Ferri con musica di Dario Agazzi, 2014, 10’,
A circular urban symphony that examines the work of architect Luigi Mattioni, a key figure in the transforma- tion of Milan post-World War II.

Friese-Greene Meets Bruce Baille (Livio Colombo, 2013, 2’, 8mm).
If color film stocks are being depleted, one must necessarily devise something not necessarily new.

Parco Lambro estate 2014 (Livio Colombo, 2014, 3’, Super8 bianco e nero).
A sweltering observation of ducks and children, inspired by the famous expropriation of chickens filmed 40 years ago by Alberto Grifi at the Festival of Young Proletarians.

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