Helga Fanderl

Helga Fanderl (Ingolstadt, Germany, 1947) divides her time between Paris and Frankfurt. After studying German, French and Italian language and literature, she discovered Super 8 and studied at the Sta␣ delschule in Frankfurt with Peter Kubelka and The Cooper Union in New York with Robert Breer. Her works have screened at festivals, cinematheques, contemporary art museums and art galleries in Europe and the US since the early 1990s. She has made over 900 films. In 2014 she began to compile a catalogue raisonné of her work.

A poet of the image, Fanderl rests her curious and intense gaze on reality, transforming it. A gesture, face, an- imal, fountain or any other visual solicitation is captured through the Super 8 camera that Fanderl almost al- ways carries with her. Handheld camera work and in-camera editing are the fundamental traits of her immediate cinema of emotional frenzy. Fanderl never presents her films individually, but creates for each screen- ing one or more visual constellations.


Super 8, muto, colore / bianco e nero* 45’ ca.

Karussell im Jardin d’Acclimatation (Carousel at Jardin d’Acclimatation / Giostra nel Jardin d’Acclimatation)
Güterzüge (Freight Trains / Treni merci)
Skulpturen im Nebel (Sculptures and Mist / Sculture nella nebbia)
Pflanzen (Plants / Piante)
Nach dem Feuer II (After the Fire II / Dopo il fuoco II)
Hochzeitswalzer (Wedding Waltz / Valzer di nozze)
Kakibaum im Winter (Persimmon Tree in Winter / Albero di cachi d’inverno)

Portrait (Ritratto)
Teetrinken (Tea Time / L’ora del tè)
Red Curtain (Tende rosse)

Mohn in Lich I (Poppies in Lich I /Papaveri a Lich I)
Binsen (Bulrushes / Giunchi)
Pfützenspiegel (Reflecting Puddles / Riflessi nelle pozzanghere)
Heftige Quellen (Violent Sources / Sorgenti violente)
Eisbär* (Polar Bear / Orso bianco)
Feuerwerk* (Fireworks / Fuochi d’artificio)

Super 8 gonfiati in 16mm, muto, colore / bianco e nero*, 43’ ca.

Spiegelung (Reflections / Riflesso) Innenhof (Courtyard / Cortile interno)
Grauer Reiher II (Grey Heron II / Airone grigio II)
Drei Midtown-Skizzen (Three Midtown Sketches / Tre schizzi di Midtown)
Zelte am Kanal (Tents on a Canal / Tende sul canale)
Karpfen in Farbe schwimmend (Carp Swimming in Colour / Carpe nuotano fra i colori)
Grüner Ball (Green Balloon / Pallone verde)
Kettenkarussell (Chairoplane / Calcinculo)
Netzwerfer (Throwing the Net / Lanciando la rete)
Unter den Seerosen (Under the Water Lilies / Sotto le ninfee)

The Color Run*
Mona Lisa (2013)*
Löwenkopfbrunnen* (Fountain with a Lion’s Head / Fontana a testa di leone)
Gasometer II* (Gasometro II)
Schlittenfahren* (Sledging / Slittare)
Im Schnee* (In the Snow / Sulla neve)

Abendglitzern (Evening Twinkling / Scintillio serale)
Nachmittagslicht (Afternoon Light / Luce del pomeriggio)
Kakibaum III (Persimmon Tree III, Albero di cachi III)
Große Wasser (Big Waters / Grandi acque)

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