Jaap Pieters

Recently honored with a tribute at the Eye Film Institute in Amsterdam, his films have screened at numerous fes- tivals, cinematheques and art galleries in Europe, the US and Asia.

Known as the “Eye of Amsterdam,” Jaap Pieters often films from his apartment window. This static contempla- tion of life’s rhythms becomes in Pieters an opening to a different time. In the duration of a single reel he restores the emotional contact, which is often interrupted, between our eye and our understanding of the world. A frag- ile humanity emerges from these images – which lives alienated in urban spaces – as does his attention to quo- tidian objects and details that transcend in abstract films and always arise from a moment of suspension and absolute concentration on the passing of time.


Jaap Pieters usually composes his programs the day before a screening, after having breathed in the atmosphere of the city and the place where the screenings will be held. He has made roughly 100 films, all of them in Super 8. Following page: a selection of titles from among which the screened films will be chosen.

1991 De blikjesman (The Tincanman) muto, 3’20’’; De winkelwagenman (The Trolleyman) muto, 3’20’’; Willem I, Willem II, Willem III (William I, William II, William III) sonoro, 17’12’’; 1992 De bereklauw (The Hogweed) muto, 3’20’’; 1993 Jimmy’s ballet, muto, 3’; Gentleman waiting, sonoro, 3’20’’; 1994 De kopjesdans (The Cupsdance), sonoro, 2’20’’; Kim & Steven, muto, 3’20’’; Snaarloos (Stringless) muto, 3’20’’; Schreeuwman (Screamman), muto, 3’20’’; Tranen uit papa’s pak (Tears from Daddy’s Suit) muto, 5’30’’; 1995 Schuimschrobben (Sudscrub- bing) muto, 3’20’’; De vliegenier (The Flyer) muto, 3’20’’; Vleesvervoer (Meattransport), muto, 3’20’’; 1996 Ra- dioman & de kaarsenvrouw (Radioman & the Candleswoman) muto,10’; Mersey-side, muto, 3’20’’; Passanten op zondag (Passers-by on Sunday), muto, 3’20’’; 1997 Schone uitzichten (Clear Views) muto, 2’20’’; Taksim- boom (Taksimtree), muto, 3’20’’; Spreeuwen vreten - a.k.a. who’s next (Sparrows Eat), muto, 4’20’’; 1998 Ulri- ke’s spin (Ulrike’s Spider), muto, 3’20’’; Het gewicht - a.k.a. who’s afraid of red, yellow & blue (The Weight (a.k.a. ...), muto, 6’40’’; 1999 Dansende trap (Dancing Steps/Ladder), muto, 3’; Natty dread, muto, 3’20’’; Kuifje eet kip & spoelt haar weg (Tim Eats Chicken & Gulps Her Under), muto, 6’40’’; Heeft u een kleinigheidje voor de armen mevrouw/mijnheer??? (Could You Spare a Dime for the Poor my Lady/Sir???) muto, 3’20’’; 2000 Zilver grijze golven op het land OF de witte zee (met dank aan TGR) (Silver Grey Waves on the Land OR the White Sea (with thanx to TGR), muto, 3’20’’; Spinsuisse (Swiss spider), muto, 3’20’’; Een zwitsers libel (A Swiss Dragonfly) muto, 3’20’’; 4 agenten bekeuren (4 Policemen Writing Tickets), muto, 6’40’’; Zürcher zegnerin (Zürich Blissness), muto, 3’20’’; Züri waschmann (Zürich Washman), muto, 3’20’’; 2002 Woedende met fles & blik (The Furious with Bottle & Can) muto, 1’30’’; 2004 Michelsschaduwwerking (Michelsshadowworks), muto, 3’20’’; De woe- dende niet zo woedend (The Furious Not So Furious), muto, 3’20’’; Opwaaiingen, muto, 3’20’’; 2007, Winde’s geluk (Winde’s Bliss) muto, 3’20’’; 1994-2007 Raumschiff schweiz (Spaceship Suisse), muto, 8’30’’; 2008 Bel- fast boys/Ulster boy, muto, 6’40’’; 2009 Schweizer dachreinigung (Swiss Roof Cleansing), muto, 3’20’’; Perk- verwoestingen (Park Devastation), muto, 6’40’’; 2011 Queen st. w., muto, 3’20’’; 2013 Paris meltdown, muto, 3’20’’.

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