A director (Orson Welles) is shooting a film on the Passion of Christ in the Roman countryside. Stracci, a poor man who takes the lunch box he receives every day on set to feed his family, is an extra playing the good thief. “La ricotta” is the third chapter of Ro.Go.Pa.G., an omnibus film by Pasolini, Roberto Rossellini, Jean-Luc Godard and Ugo Gregoretti.

"Pasolini’s episode has the complexity, edginess, rich tones and varied levels of his poetry. It could even be called a small poem in cinematic images. Especially notable is his novel and beguiling use of color alternated with black and white. Orson Welles, in the part of the foreign director who lets himself be interviewed, has masterfully created an unforgettable character.”
Alberto Moravia, L’Espresso, March 3, 1963

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