LA RABBIA (Prima parte)

The first part of a film commissioned by producer Gastone Fer- ranti on Italian history of the 1950s and 60s through the dia- metrically opposed political viewpoints of Pasolini and Giovanni Guareschi, the director of the second part. “My am- bition was to invent a new film genre. To create an ideologi- cal and poetic film-essay with original sequences.”
"Rage is an archive film – a political essay, a poetic film. Or better yet, a text in poetry expressed through images, with rage in its soul. Pier Paolo Pasolini’s rage. Against the bour- geoisie, against barbarity, against intolerance, against preju- dices, banality, righteousness. Against the Powers-that- be, which were already reviling and persecuting him.”
Carlo Di Carlo

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