Totò and his son Ninetto discuss life and death as they walk through the rural outskirts of Rome. They meet a talking crow who says he’s from "a country called Ideology" and tells them a story. Totò’s won a Special Mention for his performance at the Cannes Film Festival.

"Pasolini often recalls some of Chaplin’s great inventions (in Totò’s costume and the girl dressed as an angel, who appears in the windows of the house under construction; in those impro- vised and happy dances in the deserted countryside) and cer- tainly some of Rossellini’s images from the poorly received The Flowers of St. Francis. Only in the sequences in which there is total abandon, when piety and lyricism prevail, does he find him- self and an exceptional purity."
E. Biagi, L’Europeo, May 12, 1966

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