Two parallel stories, one set in the past, the other in the present. In the first, a young man forms a band of cannibals on the slopes of a volcano. In the second (adapted from the director’s epony- mous play), the son of a wealthy German industrialist hides a se- cret. The film was presented at the Venice Film Festival but Pasolini did not attend the screening.

"A film against idealism and positivism, as well as Illuminism, Marx and Freud, there seems to emerge from Pigsty a staunch rejection of the idea of a superior human order with respect to natural order. [...] The human story in Pigsty is literally a hole, in- tentionally displayed, like a frightful cleft, between the terrible world of the beginning and the terrible world of the end."
Giovanni Buttafava, Lo scandalo Pasolini, 1976

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