Best in Shorts. Contemporary Italian Animation

The non-competition sidebar Best in Shorts makes its debut this year at the Pesaro Film Festival with a selection of new, innovative and exciting works by Italian animators. A natural progression and update of our extensive focus of last year, The Mouse and the Pencil: Contemporary Italian an- imation, SHORTS offers 16 short, remarkable films by debut filmmakers in their early 20s, graduates of film school ani- mation programs; and older, more established – and rightfully – acclaimed directors. All of whom practically work at home, for months on end, to show, usually at festivals, works of great imagination and inventiveness, without backing from large film studios or financing (neither public nor private, although many in the field turn hopefully – and courageously – to crowdfunding).
We believe these films – which differ greatly in language, style, theme and technique (from hand-drawn to 3D) – convey the high level of vitality, creativity, innovation and experimentation of many Italian filmmakers, despite the few resources available to them and above all the ostracism they face within the Italian film industry, which is particularly tightfisted towards the distribution of creative works even within the audiovisual field (why not program, at least once in a while, an auteur animated short on one of Italy’s public TV channels?).

Best in Shorts: Contemporary Italian animation was made possible by the invaluable partnerships of the Academy of Fine Arts of Macerata, the Scuola del Libro High School of Urbino, the Centro Sperimentale di Cinematografia Piemonte and the Ca’ Foscari Short Film Festival.

Partecipano alla edizione 2015 della rassegna CORTI IN MOSTRA i film/The 2015 selection of SHORTS:
- L’ATTESA DEL MAGGIO di Simone Massi, 2014, 8’
- DALILA di Magda Guidi, 2015, 5’
- IL PRINCIPE di Davide Salucci, 2015, 7’
- THE STREET PLAYER di Michele Falleri, 2015, 2’
- COINCIDENZE di Paola Luciani, 2015, 5’
- PORTRAIT di Donato Sansone, 2014, 3’
- PLUTO 3000 di Fabio Tonetto, 2014, 1’
- E ALLORA IL CUORE di Francesca Macciò, 2015, 3’
- C’È UN TOPO SULLA LUNA di Martina Biondini, 2015, 3’
- K di Massimo Saverio Maida, 2015, 2’
- HAIRCUT di Virginia Mori, 2015, 8’
- CHALKS di Aurora Camilli, Leonardo Destro, Alice Teodori, 2015, 2’
- SOIL IS ALIVE di Beatrice Pucci, 2015, 8’
- LE MATRICI DELL’IO di Francesco Ruggeri, 2015, 2’
- PLUSOUMOINS di Claudia Muratori, 2015, 2’
- LA FAMIGLIA DEI BECCHINI di Virginia Verona, 2014, 2’

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