In partnership with Sky Arte HD, the Pesaro Film Festival presents Animania, an animation special that aired this winter and includes several animators to which Pesaro paid tribute in its 2014 retrospective, The Mouse and the Pencil: Contemporary Italian Animation. Animania’s eight episodes highlight 11 artists, starting with veteran Mario Addis, who learned his craft from great masters such as Bruno Bozzetto and recently made the feature film Robin Hood; Virgilio Villoresi, a di- rector of music videos (Vinicio Capossela, John Mayer) and commercials whose stop-motion animation is in- spired by experimental Eastern European cinema; video-artist Donato Sansone, aka Milkyeyes, a graduate of the Centro Sperimentale in Turin whose work has won him numerous awards at diverse international fes- tivals, including Annecy.

And, of course, Simone Massi, the Marchigiano animator – he lives and works in Pergola, and studied at the Scuola del Libro Artistic High School of Urbino – on whom the Festival held a retrospective in 2012, the year he received a David di Donatello Award for the short About Killing the Pig; Russian animator and illustra- tor Julia Gromskaya (who also happens to be Massi’s wife and collaborator); Leonardo Carrano, whose mixed- technique work incorporates celluloid, solvents and colors; Cristina Diana Seresini, a film credits designer (Alina Marazzi’s We Want Roses Too and All About You; Leonardo Di Costanzo The Interval, Silvio Soldini’s The Commander and the Stork) and director of commercials, opening themes and music videos; and Ursula Ferrara and Paola Gandolfi, painters by training whose work touches upon women’s issues.
Lastly, the program looks at Igor Imhoff and the Basmati collective (Saul Saguatti and Audrey Coïaniz). Imhoff studied at an Academy of Fine Arts and integrates painting with new digital technologies and, like Basmati, uses computers to express his artistry. Saguatti and Coïaniz have for 10 years been creating experimental audiovi- sual works, installations and performances that use animation in all forms of communication.

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