Video Essay Workshop

The workshop on Wednesday, June 24, continues the discussion of that morning at the Pescheria Visual Arts Center with an in-depth look at video essays, their use online, in museums and festivals, and as a new tool for critical reflection.
The workshop is open to the public at the Sala Pasolini in the Teatro Sperimentale. It will cover the follow- ing:
- Introduction: what is the video essay, the main sites where it is shared and the distribution of video es- says online.
- How-tos: practical suggestions for making a video essay, from how to find video clips, to an overview of the leading types of editing software and what they offer, and the question of copyright and the video es- sayist’s “ethical code.”
- Types of video essays: critical/argumentative, poetic, playful...
- Formal strategies of the video essay: voiceovers; writing the text; interrupting movement/altering speed; sequential, split and multiple screen editing; effects (dissolves, alterations in color, superimposed images...)
- Practical exercises: widespread tools (like smartphones, tablets, etc.) and app videos (e.g. Vine, Instagram) make it possible to create simple exercises of reflection-suggestion in images (small comparative exercises, works of analytical detail and so forth.)

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