The Very Eye Of Night

The Very Eye of Night features video art works made by Italian artists in the last five years that share the icono- graphic motif of the night as explored through different generational perspectives and aesthetic, technological and cultural models. Rich with metaphorical, conceptual and figurative references, the theme of the night retains a centuries-old, heterogeneous and fascinating symbolism that is transported into a contemporary artistic and mediatic scenario through the redefinition of traditional concepts of space, corporeality and identity. Centered on the icons of landscape and body, the program examines representations of darkness and invisibil- ity and probes their paradoxes and perceptual limits.

Manes and Flatform devise illusions of time and space to explore night’s structural dimension while Fini, Ama- ducci and Manca introduce a performative character, infusing night, respectively, with cinematic, ancestral and experiential elements. Imhoff and Strangis use computer graphics to infuse night with the technological avant-garde whereas Por- rari chooses the opposite, the pictorial tradition of the depiction of death.
Vrizzi explores night’s unsettling features with photographic sophistication and a non-sense sensibility. Ab- bate and Serpieri immerse themselves in a dark universe of object accumulation and autobiographical obliv- ion. Santini finds in the nocturnal landscape unexpected memoir constellations that reveal its mystery and mysteriousness just as Insana regains the ambiguity and abstract deformation of sight in the dark.

Inspired by the “very eye of night” of underground cinema, this program unites diverse generations of video artists for a new season of cutting-edge experimentation.

Giacomo Ravesi (Rome, 1981) received his PhD in Cinema and Other Arts from the Philosophy, Communica- tions and Visual Arts Department of Roma Tre University. His focus has been primarily on avant-garde and ex- perimental film and video. He is author of La città delle immagini. Cinema, video, architettura e arti visive (2011) and co-editor with Stefania Parigi of Il paesaggio nel cinema contemporaneo, the monographic issue of the magazine Imago. He has curated numerous film and video series on Italian cinema, contemporary music, video art and experimental cinema. He teaches Cinema and Audiovisual Language in high schools and is artis- tic coordinator of the Visioni Fuori Raccordo Film Festival.

- Mauro Santini, Notturno (2009, 8’)
- Debora Vrizzi, Switch Me Off (2009, 5’)
- Francesca Fini, Blood (2011, 5’30’’)
- Alessandro Amaducci, Concert for Shadows 11-14 (2012, 4’)
- Lino Strangis, Wake Up From The Drift (2012, 4’)
- Angelica Porrari, Uguaglianza (2012, 2’)
- Gianluca Abbate, Virginia Eleuteri Serpieri, Microbioma (2013, 5’)
- Luca Manes, Caché Memories (2013, 6’) Salvatore Insana, Your mirror (2014, 5’)
- Igor Imhoff, Zero (2014, 6’)
- Eleonora Manca, Reverse Metamorphosis (2015, 1’);
- METAMOR(PH) (2015, 4’)
- Flatform, Quantum (2015, 8’)

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