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Founded in 2004, La Famosa Etichetta Trovarobato has represented the Italian underground like virtually no other Italian independent label thanks to strategic self-production and self-promotion of numerous musicians “outside the box.” Guilty of simply not pandering to market logic and of amassing “un-catalogable” artistic phenomena, over the years Trovarobato has established itself as a true and reliable source of new, highly inde- pendent Italian music.

Netlabel and free download are a few of the tags that lead to the label, whose driving force lies in a strong web presence that further gives visibility to music videos made by powerful independent filmmakers, including Francesco Lettieri, whose work screened at the 2013 Pesaro Film Festival. One of Trovarobato’s most uncanny musical experiences is Musica Per Bambini (MxB), a project with bizarre undertones. Fronted by the eccentric Manuel Bongiorni, MxB has since the late 1990s drawn from a “liberated” fairy-tale chimera, creating unique and articulated compositions with a brilliantly modern musical structure. A schizophonic minstrel, through his visual stagings Bongiorni illustrates his New World: that of MxB!

MxB’s music is playful rock innovation distilled with care, with harmoniously strident ingredients mixed in an absurdist pot whose frenetic nature swings from electro-clash to avant-garde metal as if dancing the taran- tella. Frank Zappa, The Residents, Alberto Camerini, Elio e le Storie Tese, Caparezza, Bologna Violenta, Naked City, Fantomas, Skiantos, Aphex Twin, video game music and medieval music are just some of the elements we find in his songs. MxB’s recreational-experimental bent is a hotbed of freaky impulses whose latest CD (Cap- olavoro!) crowns his foregone artistic maturity.
Anthony Ettorre (Gnowangerup, 1969) is founder and artistic director of Road To Ruins: Suoni e Visioni del Rock (Rome). A longtime programmer for the Cineclub Detour in Rome, he has worked with diverse independ- ent Italian festivals. In 2008 he directed the award-winning documentary Via Selmi 72: Cinemastation. He is music editor of Distorsioni ( and Beautiful Freaks ( and has been a passion- ate collaborator of the Pesaro Film Festival since 2001.

Presentazione dell’etichetta TROVAROBATO + proiezioni alla presenza di Gianluca Giusti (Trovarobato) e Manuel Bongiorni (Musica Per Bambini)

- Mariposa, Vattene Pur Via (Italia 2009, 4’43”) di Marco Lucisano
- Nagel, But First (Italia 2014, 5’40”) di Gregor Kuschmirz
- K-Conjog, How to Cure Hangover in April (Explicit Video) (Italia 2014, 6’24”) di Francesco Lettieri
- X-MARY, “Oggi ho Comprato una Macchina” (Italia 2015, 3’32”) di Amedeo Berta
- Musica Per Bambini, Tavola Calda Periodica (Italia 2011, 2’25”) di Diego Parenti
- Musica Per Bambini, Dal Dottore (Italia 2014, 1’32”) di Alessandro Bracalente + Anteprima:
Musica Per Bambini, Trombettiero (feat. Feudalesimo e Libertà) di Diego Parenti + concerto Musica Per Bambini

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