Report on the Probability PHI

To experience “Komplex, Report on Probability PHI” it is needed to tap with you smartphone or mobile device this link: Aurasma will be installed in your mobile device, it’s free, Ads free and it’s not required registration, the APP works on iOS and Android device.

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“Report on Probability Phi (ROPPHY) is an Augmented Reality Urban Adventure and it’s allegorical, cryptical, conspirationist and surrealist. ROPPHY clutches the philosophy of quantum physics and so it’s impossible to have a full comprehension of it through the common language...” these are the best words of Mariano Equizzi which tries to define a work not possible to be catalogued from many POVs.

ROPPHY is a narrative audiovisual mass which wants to be revealed in public spaces, through geolocalization, through a software and your mobile device. It’s a movie diffused, ubiquitous, surely not linear, sharable and so the cinematographic experience is transfigured in the ones of the citizen, the user, the tourist.

In the backstage of this ornery attack against what we institutionally define FILM there is an authorial project of Mariano Equizzi (AR Design and Direction), Luca Liggio (Video Producer) and Paolo Bigazzi
Alderigi (Sound Designer and Composer) they are better known as KOMPLEX ( “Peter Greenaway talking about the Dead of Cinema ignores an important insight of Godard about what is the cinema and its means, the screen, the camera, the supports. According to Godard the cinema born together with the Heisenberg Principle according to which the observator cannot kwon the speed and the position of a particle with the same accuracy. SO! The Augmented Reality is this … the VIEWSER (Viewer+User) intercepts with his/her smartphone-fog room a particle of cinema, but the wholeness could be known only intercepting different particles.

AR becomes the weapon of ubiquitous cinema where the user must to dive and to seek, but even to capture and share, to make an interpretation through a weave of connections and conspiracy hints.... “ROPPHY – according to Equizzi – shows how one more time the Surrealism has won among all the media and it set up with the Augmented Reality a marriage among the space, the idea of quantum strings and the invisible worlds which are common in all the Magic cultures but are even common in certain quantum physics dissertations even very much popular in main stream cinema.”

Komplex Live Cinema Group probes the limits of technologies with the aim to create experiences which are able to enfranchise the Audience from the “cages” of media (theaters, living rooms, chairs, sofas) and so then the audience is brought into an arena in which the boundary between the screen and a personal adventure is blurred in the real space. The Cinema as narration becomes a tile of a mosaic which is drifted for the Theaters to the urban spaces and this finally realizes a perspective where the Situationist Psychogeography si fused with an esoterical revelation about the nature of Reality.

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