La religione del mio tempo

The reading of The Religion of My Time unfolds in three acts – “Ballata delle Madri,” “La Religione del mio Tempo” and “Una Luce” – and is accompanied on the guitar by Paki Zennaro.

Why Pasolini Giorgio Agamben writes: “He who keeps his gaze fixed squarely on his time – perceiving not its light but its shadows – is contemporary. (...) He who can write dipping his pen in the obscurity of the present.” Pasolini scrutinized with ruthless clarity the dark recesses of our present and, with an uncompromising gaze, the in- exorable changes in Italian society, which was sinking the values of newfound democracy into the most ob- tuse conformism and consumerism of the economic boom. The anthropological changes in Italian society of the past 20 years have been profound and regressive, marked by hedonistic individualism, cultural impoverishment, abuse of power and social climbing. Which is precisely why Pasolini is still contemporary. His – inexplicably forgotten – poetry was fiercely critical of the loss of the values of resistance, and captured a society – Italian society – that was unable to become more equal and just. Pasolini’s explosive and loving verse is poetry that still today illuminates the obscurity of our days with hope.

Pierpaolo Capovilla is one of Italy’s leading independent musicians. In 1996 he founded the noise group One Dimensional Man with Massimo Sartor. Ten years later, he and Giulio Favero started a new band, Il Teatro degli Orrori. In 2011 he embarked on a theatrical tour of readings of Russian poet Vladimir Vladimirovi Ma- jakovskij, accompanied by musician Giulio Favero. In 2013 he debuted The Religion of My Time, which he toured extensively throughout all of Italy.
In 2014 Capovilla released his first solo album, Obtorto Collo, which though very different from the music of Il Teatro degli Orrori was equally interesting for the depth of the lyrics and the arrangements of Taketo Go- hara.

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