Esordi italiani. Gli anni Dieci al cinema (2010-2015)

When Bruno Torri and I conceived this Special Event, organized with the Festival’s entire Scientific Committee, we wanted to return to a focus on debut films, as the Festival had done cyclically in the past. As always, se- lecting these 17 freshman films required numerous discussions and contemplations that were always highly useful and constructive. Moving through the – often unknown – magma of over 250 debut titles from 2010 was not easy (the Marsilio monograph accompanying the Special Event lists them all). Yet, ultimately, this com- prehensive overview helped us create a section that followed several fundamental guidelines set by the films themselves.

The selection includes comedies that offer an original, innovative take on the genre; films by actors-turned- directors (a particularly significant phenomenon of the past five years); and a central section of “hybrid” works, or with crossover documentary elements (the so-called “cinema for the real,” as the recent definition goes), by established documentarians making their first narrative features (another unique characteristic of the five years in question). Naturally, the selection does not include titles by filmmakers who recently screened in the Pe- saro New Cinema Competition, such as Fabiana Sargentini and Carlo Michele Schirinzi. Nor did our focus on nar- rative features prevent us from including several “out-of-the-norm” titles, as per the definition so dear to Adriano Aprà. We would have liked to explore this even further, but then the section would have monopolized the Festival’s other sidebars.

Hopefully, we offer a balanced and ideal snapshot of a panorama distinguished by an original linguistic ex- perimentation that we hope Italian cinema displays with increasingly conviction.

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