Marco returns home after serving a five-year sentence for drug deal- ing, determined to begin a new life. University student Sonia dreams of financial independence and works in Sergio’s gambling house. Young friends Faustino, Massimo and Federico are very different from one another. These three stories of crime and violence set in the far- thest outskirts of Rome intertwine over a moped that is exchanged for a little cocaine.

“30-somethings Botrugno and Coluccini...transform the location into the main character: the rough, working-class neighborhood, its places symbols of a social and spiritual stasis approaching putrefaction, suf- focates the protagonists, overpowering them, turning them in the eyes of viewers into simple, fleeting cogs in an inhumane mechanism, while the camera thoughtfully looks towards an ‘elsewhere’ that is system- atically denied, erasing the horizon for all.” G. Sangiorgio, Film Tv

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