18-year-old Giacomo has been deaf since he was a child. On a summer day in the Friuli countryside, he and his childhood friend Stefania head to the river for a picnic and get lost in the woods. They spend the after- noon in an idyllic spot, far from everyone and everything. “I spent my childhood and adolescence on the banks of the Tagliamento River. I know all its sensations, sounds and smells, down to the tiniest detail.”

“One of the most intense debuts of the year. A special, uniquely ten- der and touchingly simple film, it is made up of small absolutes, like life and a summer in the country, a bicycle ride, a caress of the hair, the look between a young man and woman before love. And of a passage, the coming-of-age from adolescence, which for Giacomo is senti- mentalandsensorial.” CristinaPiccino,IlManifesto

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