Anima in Pena wanders around Rome and Terracina, in the moun- tains, sea and city with a bed and pajamas. She speaks only to ado- lescents and the elderly, questioning them on fundamental issues: childhood, death, sex. “The relationship with the images was a strong motivation. I never felt like I was doing interviews, but performances. Physical installations that would lead to memory.”

“Eleonora Danco...reinvents the quotidian through a blend of com- edy and fantasy, [...] each time finding a miraculous key to communi- cation. It is in the encounter between...two great cornerstones – her inner journey and the journey to the mountains and city – that the secret to this film lies. It is simultaneously light and profound, ancient and exceptionally modern, naïve and knowing, like the characters she unearthsandfilms.” FabioFerzetti,IlMessaggero

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