Branko drives the highways and byways of Europe. He lives in his truck, earning three times what he did as a teacher and works hard to provide for his family, from which he grows increasingly distant, how- ever. For the film, actor Branko Završan obtained a truck-driving li- cense and a temporary driving job, and covered more than 30,000 km in four months. Winner of the Golden Marc’Aurelio Award for Best Film at the 2013 Rome International Film Festival.

“A stateless film, the delocalization here takes places within Schengen borders, where the old contracts of the “rich” Western European truck drivers are being adjusted to match the lower wages of the “poor” drivers from Eastern Europe. TIR shines a light of truth onto the weary inhabitants of our highways and proves that the boundaries between documentary and fiction make increasingly less sense.” Mauro Donzelli, ComingSoon.it

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