Palermo, summer. Mafia hitman Salvo is ordered to kill a rival. But when he gets to his intended victim’s home, he finds only the man’s sister, Rita, who has been blind since birth. When Salvo later kills her brother, Rita mysteriously regains her sight. Winner of the Nespresso Grand Prize at the 2013 Cannes Critics’ Week.

“Borrowing elements from noir, Jean-Pierre Melville, spaghetti west- erns, Kitano and black comedies, Fabio Grassadonia and Antonio Pi- azza’s feature debut breaks away from the obsolete image of Sicily portrayed in various TV shows and B-movies, restoring to the lands colonized centuries ago by the Arabs and Greeks their dignity as the cradle of culture and philosophy, a philosophy that still today per- meates the stately language of the criminals.” Carola Proto,

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