After living in Switzerland for years, 13-year-old Marta returns to live with her mother and older sister in her native city, Reggio Calabria, which she does not at all remember and in which she feels like an out- sider. When she begins preparing for her confirmation she meets the aloof priest, Don Mario, and the catechist Santa, but the church’s ac- tivities make Marta’s estrangement from the world around her all the more profound. “Twenty-eight-year-old debut filmmaker Alice Rohrwacher hits the mark. She is a disenchanted observer of the ‘Malpaese’, where the sa- cred and profane mix in a celebration of naivety and good will. The film’s mature gaze and crystalline beauty are to be admired and re- membered.” Anna Maria Pasetti, Il Fatto Quotidiano

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