n Greek mythology, the goddess Ananke represents the personifica- tion or power of fate. In the present, humanity is dying out from a ter- rible pandemic. A new form of viral depression leads anyone who contracts it to suicide. The only way to escape death is to avoid all hu- mans, flee, remain alone.

After roaming for a long time, a man and a woman take shelter in an abandoned house in the mountains, far from society and large cities. They hope to save themselves by adopting a primitive and simple life, free of neuroses and technological contaminations.
The protagonists speak French, a beautiful language that contrasts the destruction around them. Their companion is a goat named Ananke. Alone, unaware and at the mercy of events, they will come to terms with the inescapable. Nature keeps vigil over them, observing them from above. Everything flows, everything mutates, everything transforms. Is escaping humans enough to escape death?

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