On the small island where she lives and works, Arianna is getting ready to ring in the new year and ring out the old. Her relationship with Nanni, a beekeeper from the city, is also about to end, though Arianna doesn’t know why. The elusive Nanni seems to view their re- lationship as an obstacle to his freedom. When he starts seeing an- other woman, Arianna will have to find the inner strength to carry on.

“The story’s epic roots already lie in the title, Arianna [Ariadne]. But it is the entire tale, a contemporary abandonment of love on an island (yet emotionally similar to the abandonment of the myth) that gives the film its epic tone. [...] This small miracle of creativity, virtually self- produced film, was shot on Procida in just over two weeks, from a screenplay that initially did not exist.” Bianca De Fazio, La Repubblica

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