The story of isolation in one of the many small towns of southern Italy. Here, the video camera captures a man and a woman in their everyday lives in Calabria. Two divergent stories seem to collide accidentally: that which normally resides off-screen, which the director decided to include in the frame, and that which day after day overbearingly invades our lives, screens and the radio, and which in this film is held at the margins, like background noise.

For the Italian intellectual the expression “humble” generally indicates a paternal and god-like protective relationship, the sentiment necessary for an undisputed superiority, a relationship as if between two races, one deemed superior the other inferior; the relationship between an adult and a child in the old pedagogy; or, even worse, the relationship of “a society for the protection of animals” or between the Salvation Army and the cannibals of the Papuasia.
Antonio Gramsci

In 1993 Tommaso Cotronei worked as assistant to Vittorio de Seta. He went on to work alone, finding in Calabria his preferred cinematic subjects. Lavoratori won the Special Jury Prize in the documentary competition at the Turin Film Festival and was selected at Locarno.

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