(Re)Edit Competition. Cinema through images (video essays, recuts, mash-ups, remixes)

(Re)Edit Competition
Cinema through images (video essays, recuts, mash-ups, remixes)
52nd Pesaro International Film Festival
July 2-9, 2016

Rules and Regulations

With the introduction of digital media, the ability to cite, appropriate and remix cinematic images has mushroomed. In their digital, ubiquitous and dematerialized form, film images are highly malleable. Remixes, mash-ups and animated GIFs prove not only how easy it is to appropriate film images today, but also the expressive power that they still hold in their new forms.

Film studies, criticism and analysis also use these new tools in increasingly effective ways. Around 2005, online video essays began to spread: works that study cinema through cinema, by re-editing and remixing film images, a practice made accessible to all thanks to a wide array of digital editing software. These works both look to the past (including experimental found footage, film essays and documentaries on cinema) and are “contaminated” by contemporary, hybrid and playful practices (mash-ups, re-cut trailers, supercuts, etc.). In effect, we are learning to do with images what we have always done with words, as proven by academics and critics Catherine Grant, Kevin B. Lee, Matt Zoller Seitz, kogonada, Adrian Martin and Cristina Álvarez López, to name but a few.

The Pesaro Film Festival has always focused on cinema as a form that is thought, and year after year has sought out not only new cinema, but also a new criticism of innovative tools and languages. Such as in the retrospectives on Thom Andersen, with his striking reflections on the image in audiovisual form, and pioneer André S. Labarthe’s groundbreaking Cinéastes de notre temps; and the 2015 video essay workshop that explored emerging forms of film criticism.

For this year’s edition, the Pesaro Film Festival will promote the experimentation of thoughts on cinema through images with a video essay competition for young filmmakers and film scholars.

The competition is open to foreign and Italian film school students and university students of all levels. Submissions can be analytical-didactic, poetic and reflexive, or playful – but they must invite us to see images with fresh eyes, through original perspectives on the history, language and genres of any audiovisual form (be it cinema, TV series, music videos and so forth).

Contest rules:
1) Video essays must have been made no earlier than January 1, 2015
2) Video essays can be of any running time
3) Video credits must include the videomaker’s names(s) and all credits of the cited/discussed works [title, director, year, production co(s)]

To participate, please submit a video link (YouTube, Vimeo or another video sharing platform) no later than April 30, 2016 to: festival@pesarofilmfest.it

The link must be accompanied by a short presentation in the entry form below (which can also be downloaded on the Festival site: www.pesarofilmfest.it).

A specialized jury will select the five (5) most original and compelling videos, which will be featured on the Festival website and social media sites, along with a brief analysis. The winning video essay will be chosen at a later date and screened during the Festival

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