Les Ogres

The lively, traveling Davaï Théâtre Company goes from city to city, staging Chekov in a big circus tent. Work, family relationships, love and friendship blend ferociously among this turbulent tribe of artists, pushing the boundaries between stage and reality. A pregnancy and the return of an old lover revive old tensions.
Léa Fehner (Toulouse, 1981) studied screenwriting at the Fémis. Her 2006 graduation project was the script of Silent Voice; the film was shot in 2008 and premiered in Venice Days. For her second feature, the Rotter- dam Festival Audience Award-winning Les ogres, she drew from childhood experiences in her parents’ trav- eling theatre company. Her father François, mother Marion Bouvarel and sister Inès star in the film. Actress-director Brigitte Sy collaborated on the script.

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