Lu bian ye can

In the subtropical province Kaili, in Guizhou, China, Chen Sheng is one two doctors who live like ghosts in a small clinic. When he leaves for Zhenyuan County in search of the nephew his brother abandoned, his eld- erly co-worker asks him to take a photograph, a shirt and an audiocassette to a man she loved in her youth. Along the way, Chen stops in the small city of Dongmai, where time does not flow in a linear fashion.
For the leading role of his feature debut Kaili Blues, director and poet Bi Gan (Kaili, China, 1989) chose his uncle Chen Yongzhong, whose complicated and experience-filled past always enthralled the young artist. Bi loves tracking shots (for their “dreamlike, liberating and poetic” qualities) and Kaili Blues features one that is 41 minutes long, in the film’s second half set in Dongmai. The poems heard in the film are his own. Bi Gan is currently working on his second feature film, Roadside Picnic.

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