A cidad onde evenlehco

Francisca, a young Portuguese woman, lives in Belo Horizonte. Her old friend Teresa has just moved to Brazil and is staying with her. As Teresa enthusiastically explores the new city, Francisca feels a growing desire to return to Lisbon. The women’s personal stories entwine to depict the contrasting impulses of leaping into the unknown and irrepressible homesickness.

Marília Rocha (Brazil, 1978) lives and works in Belo Horizonte. She is co-founder of the Teia arts collective and the independent production company Anavilhan. Her numerous short films, documentaries and videos have screened in festivals (including Visions du Réel) and international museums such as MoMA and the Ethnographic Museum of Neuchâtel. For Where I Grow Old, she worked with non-professional actors –
Francisca Manuel is a visual artist, Elizabete Francisca is a dancer – whose real life experiences are inter- woven with those of the characters.

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