Saint Amour

Bruno, an unmotivated cattle farmer, every year participates in the International Agriculture Show in Paris. Sometimes his father Jean comes with him. The latter wants to finally win the competition with their bull Nebuchadnezzar, and convince Bruno to take over the family farm. Every year, Bruno makes the rounds of the wine producers stands, but never leaves the Show’s grounds. This year, his father suggests they take the “wine trail” together, through the French countryside.

Benoît Delépine (Saint Quentin, France, 1958) and Gustave Kervern (Mauritius, 1962) are directors, screen- writers and actors. Their films include Louise-Michel (2008), Mammuth (2010, with Gérard Depardieu) and Near Death Experience (2014), which stars writer Michel Houellebecq and screened in the Horizons section of the Venice Film Festival. “Taking on unusual challenges is what motivates us. Like shooting a film in nine days with Michel Houellebecq. Or at the Agriculture Show...”

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