Malek, a surveyor who lives the life of a virtual recluse, gives in to pressure from his friend Lakhdar and accepts a job in Western Algeria. There, he finds the base camp used by a previous surveying team decimated by fundamentalists. Malek proceeds with his topographical readings until, one morning, he discovers a young woman who refuses to give her name. When Lakhdar arrives at the camp, he discovers that Malek and the woman have disappeared. The two first head north, towards the Moroccan border. But the woman changes her mind: she no longer wants to flee to Europe. She’s exhausted and wants to go home. Inland won the FIPRESCI Prize at the 65th Venice International Film Festival, where it premiered in Competition.

“There’s no other desire in this film than to draw lines sketched onto the post-war landscape, now that Algeria emerges from a war fought by Islamism against the society. No other aim with Gabbla than to draw escape routes”.

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