The winners of the 53rd Pesaro Film Festival

PESARO NUOVO CINEMA 2017 - LINO MICCICHÉ AWARD Jury: João Botelho, Mario Brenta and Valentina Carnelutti AWARD for BEST FILM:

THE FIRST SHOT by Yan Cheng & Federico Francioni (Italy/China, 2017, 75’)
Motivation: Suddenly a storm wipes out Tiananmen’s blood. The metaphor is so big that it becomes metonymy, and metonymy is cinema. One thing and the other. The and is fundamental. The and is cinema. There is no comment, nor fiction. Something in-between, all is cinema. As film professionals, we wish to thank two very young filmmakers for showing us that cinema is still possible. Thank you.
Special mention:
PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT ME by Hadas Ben Aroya (Israel, 2016, 80’)
Motivation: A special mention goes to PEOPLE THAT ARE NOT ME for bringing into focus the difficulty of entering a physical, human and sexual relation without using pornography, but simply by showing life.
Second special mention:
SEXY DURGA by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (India, 2017, 85’)
Motivation: Myth and life. Myth, like cinema, is a lie that tells the truth about life.


The Jury of Students for the Competition “Pesaro Nuovo Cinema” - Lino Miccichè Award coordinated by Rinaldo Censi is formed by the following students from Italian universities and film schools:
Giovanni Bottiglieri, Stefano Brunetti, Gianmarco Cicogni, Federica Di Giampaolo, Antonio Di Ronza, Davide Marino, Edoardo Matacotta, Giuseppe Mattia, Liliana Pistorio, Francesca Stefanizzi

After intense deliberation, the jury is presenting the New Cinema Award for Best Film to:
SEXY DURGA by Sanal Kumar Sasidharan (India, 2017, 85’)
Motivation: For its courage in analysing and criticising India’s patriarchal society and female condition;
For its innovative perspective in portraying the thrilling odyssey of a couple wandering in the night;
For its daring narrative tension, which keeps the viewers glued to the screen, asking them many questions they will have to answer through introspective analysis.



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